Flowforms, the Rhythmic power of water

Verkoopprijs: € 27.50

Auteur; Wilkes, John
Jaartal; 2009, 3e druk
240 pagina's
uitgeverij; Floris books
ISBN; 978 086315 392 1
tweedehands boek in goede staat

What is the true nature of water and does it have memory? --
By working with the rhythm and flow of water, can we increase its life-giving power? Water is not only fundamental to life but is essential for the cycles and changes in nature. John Wilkes argues as well that water is the universal bearer of whatever character we put into it. For this reason the way we treat water is of crucial importance to our health, and to the well-being of our planet.
Working with his remarkable invention, the Flowform, Wilkes has uncovered hidden secrets of the world of water, and at the same time created an artform of great beauty. His lifetime of applied research into rhythms and water, fully revealed in this book for the first time, has startling implications for such topical issues as farming and irrigation; food production and processing; water treatment and recycling; and health and cosmetic products. This ground-breaking book is lavishly illustrated to show both the beauty of the Flowform and the wide range of its applications.

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