Climbing plants for walls and gardens

Verkoopprijs: € 14.95

Auteur; Phillips, C.E. Lucas
Jaartal; 1967
harde kaft, stofomslag
176 pagina's
binnenbladen verkleurd
uitgeverij; Heinemann, London
ISBN; -----------
tweedehands boek in zeer goede staat

In this book Lucas Phillips, known from the popular book The Small Garden, focuses on climbing plants.
He deals with the better-known sorts of climbers and he also opens your eyes to a great wealth of other plants, both hardy and tender.
His pen embraces greenhouse and annual climbers and a very wide range of wall shrubs.
His 'Gulf Stream' platns will delight those who live in the milder western countries and fill with envy those whom he warns not to attempt them elsewhere.
He offers not only plants for houde walls, but also for pergolas, trellises, pillars, sheds and for climbing adventurously into the top of trees.

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