Garden Rooms

Verkoopprijs: € 9.75

Auteur; Erler, Catriona Tudor
Jaartal; 1999
158 pagina's
uitgeverij; Time Life
ISBN; 0 7370 0601 3
tweedehands boek in zeer goede staat

We divide our homes into Rooms, each with a different purpose, a different look and a different feel.
So why not do the same with our outdoor living space ?

In this book you''ll learn how to;
- design an entrance that will welcome guests
- create a practical and pretty floor for your garden room
- enclose your garden room with hedges, trellises and fences
- make a modest outdoor room look larger
- Attract colorful birds with birdhouses, water features etc
- Decorate with unique plants, ornamens, lighting and furnishings

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